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Differences between high-speed bearing and ordinary bearing:

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High - speed bearings have higher precision and less surface roughness than low - grade bearings.

The surface of high-speed bearing is smoother than that of low-grade bearing. If the outer ring is shaken and the inner ring is shaken, the clearance of high-speed bearing is smaller.

Factors affecting the life of high-speed bearing shaft

The life span of bearing installation test in the field is mainly determined by the design and matching of bearing structural parameters, as well as the manufacturing quality and technological level of the products. However, some "non-bearing" factors may lead to the reduction and failure of bearing service life in the field. Through the analysis of the failure bearing, there are mainly the following points:
(1) the spindle maintenance personnel shall select and install the angular contact ball bearings used in pairs.
(2) maintenance and disassembly times of motorized spindle. The same set (group) of bearings for many times, the bearing service life must have a certain impact
(3) the old and new degree of the motorized spindle and the structure and manufacturing quality of the motorized spindle produced by different manufacturers.
(4) the electrical fault of the spindle itself, such as the southern wet weather, the electric spindle shell was damaged by moisture, the silicon steel plate of the rotor shaft was burned
(5) lubricating oil for spray cooling contains impurities.
(6) technical quality and responsibility of machine tool operators. For example, many times in the test due to operating errors, resulting in broken oil, water in the grinding head, so that the bearing burned.
(7) properly keep the bearings, such as serious rust and bearing pollution.

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