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Coupling function and maintenance

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The coupling function is to connect the two shafts (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) in different mechanisms to rotate them together and transmit torque. Some couplings also have the functions of buffering, damping, and improving the shaft system's dynamic performance. 
The coupling is composed of two halves, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. Most of the general power machines are connected to the working engine employing couplings, which are the most commonly used connecting parts for the transmission of shafting of mechanical products. Commonly used couplings are diaphragm couplings, toothed couplings, plum blossom couplings, slider couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, safety couplings, elastic couplings, And serpentine spring coupling.
Daily inspection and maintenance of coupling
First, check:
1. Check the coupling body for cracks.
2. Check if the coupling connection is tight.
3. Check if the critical relationship of the coupling is loose or rolling.
4. Check whether there is a radial circle runout and end face runout when the coupling rotates.
5. Check whether the lubrication condition of the coupling is sound.
6. Check the complete state of the coupling gear, wear condition, and meshing status of the internal and external gears.
Second, maintenance:
1. Partially disassemble and inspect the equipment, clean the specified parts, and clear the pipes and valves;
2. Replace or clean the packing, observe whether the sealing part is leaking, adjust the fit-gap of each piece of the equipment, and tighten all sections of the equipment
3. Lubricate and prevent rust on the motor and water pump bolts;
4. Check whether the pressure gauges and control cabinets are standard, and repair or replace if damaged;
5. Check the operation of the control cabinet, whether the internal components are standard.
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