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The function and role of the bearing

wallpapers News 2021-01-20
Bearings have become the main support form of modern mechanical vehicles and are widely used. Due to the wide range of use, the variety and complexity of bearing varieties are determined. Due to strict requirements, the importance of bearing quality and performance is determined. Bearing manufacturing is a kind of precision basic parts of manufacturing. Its accuracy is measured by 0.001mm, while the manufacturing tolerance of ordinary mechanical parts is generally only 0.01mm. The noise and vibration of the motor depend to a large extent on the quality of the bearing; the swing difference and temperature rise of the spindle of a high-precision machine tool are closely related to the quality of the bearing.
The role of various types of bearings
Rolling bearings are mass-produced in a special factory, which can guarantee quality, and are very convenient in use, installation, and replacement. Therefore, they are widely used in machines operating under medium speed, medium load, and general working conditions. In addition to some professional functions, bearings are still shining in small places that we can't notice. China has invested a lot of energy in the research of general technology of high-speed and light-load self-lubricating joint bearings for aviation, and finally overcome the difficulties. The wear resistance of the produced bearings has been improved, which is more than twice that of ordinary bearings. Today, this technology has been widely used, such as Wuzhi-10 and Wuzhi-19, which is a very practical and highly respected technology. Small bearings improve helicopter performance.
The functions of the four major rolling bearings
First, the inner ring usually fits closely with the shaft and rotates with the shaft. Second, the outer ring usually cooperates with the bearing housing hole or the object of the mechanical part to play a supporting role. Third, the rolling elements are evenly arranged between the inner and outer rings with the help of the cage. Its shape, size, and number directly determine the bearing capacity of the bearing. Fourth, the cage divides the rolling elements evenly and guides the rolling elements to move on the correct track.

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