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Why some ceramic tile, can have fishy smell in next rainy day?

wallpapers News 2021-05-20
In fact, the raw materials for the production of ceramic tiles are almost the same as the production of porcelain. The main components are porcelain stone and porcelain clay (kaolin), which are rich in silicon, magnesium, aluminum, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and other mineral components. Their hardness becomes very strong after high temperature, and they have the prerequisites for making porcelain articles.Summed up these materials, together with the people through repeated practice need to add some other raw materials, mixed according to proportion, together with the right amount of water after grinding into the mud, and through the process of spray drying tower, dry quickly, and then press under the action of compression molding, then drying, glaze, sintering and edge grinding process,They are eventually made into tiles of different thicknesses, colors and sizes.
After the rain or mopping the floor, ceramic tiles will send out a fishy smell, not from the ceramic tile itself, is from the rag or water when mopping the floor.First of all, from the point of view of ceramic tile itself, the main raw materials of ceramic tile are porcelain stone and porcelain clay, together with some other raw materials, and these additional raw materials mainly include three aspects:
1. Plastic raw materials have the characteristics of strong plasticity, easy to absorb water and expand, and easy to crack in firing, such as clay;
2. The ridged raw materials are silicate raw materials that do not have viscosity after being mixed with water and play the role of fining, so as to reduce the plasticity of other raw materials and reduce the shrinkage in the firing process, such as quartz sand;
3. Solvent raw materials. In the firing process, the raw materials that promote the closer bond between molecules of other raw materials, such as feldspar.

In addition to the basic porcelain stone, porcelain clay, the above three kinds of added raw materials for the performance of ceramic tiles after firing is very important.Among them, the plastic material determines whether the ceramic tile is easy to move and transport, and it is related to the foundation life.The ridge material determines the smoothness, air permeability, water absorption and many other properties of ceramic tile;The solvent raw material determines the toughness of ceramic tile.

And some will be mixed with cheap raw materials, such as replace quartz sand with magnesium silicide, or ground to a powder shells can be used to replace China clay and feldspar, and so on, after doing so, firing into the ceramic tile on the surface of generally don't see anything strange, but the change of raw material, make ceramic tile in the performance of water absorption, air permeability, toughness, etc, are worse than in the normal product,And in the process of ceramic tiles absorbing water (or absorbing the growing period in the air), magnesium silicate generated with garlic smell of silane, shell powder directly released a fishy smell similar to sea water.
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