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The University of Hong Kong has developed a new material driven by light-nickel hydroxide

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The research team of the University of Hong Kong has developed a new material "nickel hydroxide" that can be driven by relatively low-intensity visible light and can be used in robots, human assistance devices, and medical devices.

According to the University of Hong Kong, among various materials, materials that can be driven by light are of great help to wireless robots. However, there were not many light-driven materials in the past, and even if they were available, the production cost was high. It was difficult to apply them in robots, artificial muscles in human assist devices, minimally invasive surgery, and diagnostic tools.
This research was led by Yan Qingyun, Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Hong Kong University. The "nickel hydroxide" they developed can be driven by visible light and electricity in daily life. This new material only needs relatively low-intensity visible light drive to generate the force and speed equivalent to mammalian skeletal muscles. The production cost of this material is low, only 4 Hong Kong dollars per square centimeter.

The researchers said that "nickel hydroxide" reacts to light almost in real-time and generates a force equal to about 3000 times its weight. Through excellent structural design, the "mini arm" made of "nickel hydroxide" can easily lift objects equal to 50 times its weight. "Nickel hydroxide" will have the opportunity to be used in the future development of micro-robots and disaster relief.

The University of Hong Kong stated that from a scientific point of view, the "nickel hydroxide" driving material is a system that can be driven directly by visible light or electricity without complicated manufacturing procedures. It also opens up a new light driving behavior for "hydroxide" materials—a whole new field of research.

Trunnano is one of the world's largest producers of nickel hydroxide nanomaterials. If you are interested, you can contact Dr. Leo by email: brad@ihpa.net.

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