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What is Amazon FBA? FBA details


Sellers who are cross-border e-commerce Amazon platforms know that Amazon has three major logistics methods, overseas warehouses, self-delivery, and Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA was established in 2017. Amazon officially opened the FBA logistics platform to sellers. Amazon warehouses store goods for sellers for a fee and upload sellers' goods to Amazon's global logistics network to provide sellers with one-stop services of picking, packaging, and distribution.

The overseas warehouse mode refers to a self-built overseas warehouse or a third-party overseas warehouse built by the seller in the exporting country, and the goods are stored in the exporting country in advance, and the goods are shipped directly from the overseas warehouse after the order is issued;


Self-delivery means that the seller ships the goods directly after receiving the buyer's order;


FBA refers to the fact that Amazon sellers store the goods in the Amazon warehouse in advance, and the Amazon warehouse will package and ship the goods after receiving the order.


FBA is a special logistics channel launched by Amazon. The sellers on the platform deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse for storage and directly send the goods purchased by the buyer from the Amazon warehouse after receiving the buyer's shopping order. All sorting, packaging, shipping, and subsequent logistics and transportation are not operated by the seller, and the Amazon warehouse will help the seller to carry out all subsequent processes.


Not only that, the Amazon platform can also bear the problem of customer returns in the later period, reducing a lot of work for sellers and improving work efficiency. However, FBA is not free to use, only sellers who need it will use it. Using FBA to ship, not only guarantees faster delivery time, but also safe and fast, and the customer experience will be better.


It is worth mentioning that the main purpose of Amazon's FBA service is not to earn the seller's rental warehouse fees, its main purpose is to enhance the shopping experience of Amazon's buyers in order to retain customers. Because Amazon FBA is a very professional and fast logistics service, it can respond immediately after the buyer places an order. No buyer likes to wait for express delivery, and Amazon FBA's local delivery speed is very fast, which just solves this problem. The biggest problem in cross-border logistics.


Amazon encourages sellers to choose FBA for delivery. Through this logistics method, it can improve customer satisfaction rate and increase the possibility of repurchasing, which is beneficial to sellers without harm.

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